Thursday, 23 July, 2009

frank enough...

My story nowadays is taking new and unexpected turns everyday...I am being made to do a lot better than what I do (in the right sense, ofcourse)...surely this is gonna happen for something gud only...let me be more specific...being a semiconductor professional I was way far from application language stuff, until recently when I took charge of making a software on VB...which interestingly made me realise how bad I can be in the stuff I thought was anyhow life's taking interesting turns...and this is what I am gonna talk about in this post.

Recently, I attended the 9th IDC (India Design Center) Technical Symposium, flagship of Freescale India. It was my first one at freescale and frankly it's not just about techincal stuff there...its also about being part of the family and understanding the issues customers and other teams face and what all solution they could think of. I find it a very useful way of spreading the word and enhance personal learnings by adding onto your own experiences. Moreover, its common for almost all companies that employees not directly involved with customer have NO IDEA about what the end application will be on the Chip they make. Knowing this part of the world, they can ofcourse make better chips, thus make customers happy.

I'll not bore you with more of the technical talks :D, so moving on...

I cannot understand that how people forget their early age passions. As they grow up, they tend to forget the old passions of their lives and grow new passions in life.
You know what I totally disagree with this behavior...time to time my actions have shown my interest in pursuing my "old passions" till the I was passionate about motorbikes. I used to think when I earn, I'll buy a high tech bike... and I did, though everybody was against this decision...but I wasn't as my dream of riding power bikes was (is) still not fulfilled.
Another step I took towards this was buying a Vintage TV video game...I remembered how fun it used to be...on a weekend I invited my cousins over to play doubles in Contra, Mario Bros, Adventure Island and sooo many...

I have noticed that whatever initiative one takes, the first reaction from people is to oppose it, but what makes someone stand out and successful, is building trust in the idea.
As always life moves on and it feels really good to go back in old times and do things that one could not do earlier.

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