Tuesday, 29 September, 2009

Things need preperations....

Nobody in the world can be that busy to write on a blog, but nowadays I am :). But don't worry I am in for this.

Anyways lets not get dragged from the topic. So ya, every damn undamn thing needs preparation.
Be it a small shop in town preparing early(iest) morning to live upto the expectations of its customers (however small number that be) to President preparing for a speech. What I mean to say is thinking of embarking into a new, seemingly higher returns and easy field, will soon need much of one's time, ofcourse opposite to their expectations. Now this links with why everybody (atleast Paulo Coelho) says do what you love coz if you do what you love you will have absolutely no intentions to flinch to go that extra step (most of work will seem be extra steps :)).

Making decisions is like giving urself a direction, if you headed wrong, you will reach wrong destination for sure. Sometimes it seems like shooting a target in dark, an exact analogy to making decisions. But, it feels good to know that even if you are headed into wrong direction and you eventually fail, you still have a good learning to draw from that experience and THATS WHATS VALUED! You should be man enough to admit your mistakes.
Guys, You know what is worse than a loser, a man who doesn't want to hear why he lost!
Screwing up life's an art too, remember movie called 21, its lucky to have everything screwed up in ones life. Guy ends up getting fellowship @ Harvard Medical School.

So in a nut shell, don't feel bad about your bad experiences, they too have a good side like everything else. Make a note of what you faced and hence learned.

Be optimistic and save yourself a lifelong misery! coz thats the way cookie crumbles.