Thursday, 1 April, 2010

Recent hollahoo's

Nobody but time is the best healer/teacher.......

I heard this quote for long. But this seem to be the only truth of my life.

For the last almost 2 years, my life was towards preparing for seeing a major change in my view towards life i.e. going to a b-school for management degree. All that time my mind was preoccupied with the things like GMAT prep, then researching schools, then applications, then interviews and most difficult of all coping with the time waiting for final decision.

Now when I look back, I can't believe myself riding through this difficult time. As they say, "its a journey inwards" true. I got to know many areas for improvement for me, most of all I learnt how to deal with failures and take feedback. Amazing things happened....

The most amazing thing that has happened yet is of all the b-school (US & India) admits, I have made the decision to join ISB Class of 2011. It just happened to be the most beneficial choice at this point in life.

I am soooo looking forward to the day of landing at campus. The fellow classmates I have met yet make it even more interesting a voyage for me. In the alumni I saw many like minded and like profile-d people, increasing my confidence for success.

I am a dead believer of the quote "One is as good as the his/her surroundings".
I am already feeling the effect of studying with the liveliest, craziest and funkiest crowd at one of the top (ranked 12 business school) of the WORLD!

ending my post with these words....really no words apart from this news....fully sunk into it nowadays

will gain consciousness soon to get deep into MBA studies.