Thursday, 19 July, 2007

Where am I going

Now a days, i am very much caught in a dilemma of how should one live his/her life?

Actually i am currently reading "The Monk who sold his ferrari" by Robin S Sharma, and i recommend this book to all of my friends, one should read this book atleast once in a lifetime

It seems to taken over my life, even my family is saying that my behavior and lifestyle is changing! It tells you the ways to find your goal of life!

It says "The purpose of life is the life of purpose".

Its difficult to remember all the ways it says, but still reading it again and again, I think those ways will become part of my life.

anyway guys its a long long story, will share when have ample amount of time
bye for now! tc

Tuesday, 15 May, 2007

My Day

I just bought a new bike that is Pulsar 200
Its smart, good looking and even good performer bike.
i liked ridding it for the whole day..

Also i have exams approaching me..:(
But let me tell you one thing, i am not afraid of my exams, because i have not read anything, still i am confident enough to pass them and even score well.

today is very boring day @ office, because my work is done and i am waiting for the other person to do his work, for integration.

Also i have to do my Assigment Work today, its heavy man!

dont have much time, see you guys...

Friday, 4 May, 2007

My Day Today

Today, is a normal day!
I got up @ 7:20 am and board the Office Cab @ 8:00 am, weather was ok kind of.
After picking all colleagues, we started our daily hectic journey to noida! Ohhhh! man its too FAR!
Anyways its a part of my Work!
We usually listen to Radio channels for entertainment, some people also play Cards (Game called
Sweep, nah seep). Actually its gud game, but i object using my mind for entertainment things...after all they are not worth it, right?
Ok, after reaching office, i started my work! it was nothing new
FYI, We are the only team in the whole company, which takes time out for playing games like QuakeIII, Unreal tournament, Half Life etc.. on company network.

let me see how my day ends up!
See you guys..Bye