Monday, 18 May, 2009

Revisiting expectations and dreams I had 1 year back

I welcome u all guys back...
Recently I completed my 1 year at Freescale Semiconductors. This post is about the things in that period.
As a distant objective third person, who is neither involved nor in any way benefited in any association, I believe Freescale is a great company in terms of ethics, employee friendliness and so many other factors.
Reason for my belief is one, in the bad times now a days which has gripped almost every company very tight, especially automotive segment, Freescale also had to take some hard decisions of laying off people, but instead of taking haywire decisions, they took smart and need of the time decisions to layoff good for nothing people (i am just repeting somebody elses words as i am not eligible to say anything about it). Second, they could have also managed to get rid of all the freshers (who joined us from undergraduate schools less than 6 months ago) as every other company is doing, but they didn't. While they shut down their wireless business unit called CPG, they promised every body will be absorbed in other teams within the company. This target seemed nothing more than wishful thinking, but at last leaving everybody surprised, they did absorb everybody (by everybody i mean really everybody from CPG).

I feel that what makes Freescale a great organization is that its people aren't pompous or pretentious, higher management shares actual happenings with each and every employee, which makes employees feel involved. The idea of making people feel involved is the foundation of great leadership, which I also follow in my team as I keep on sharing with them the various customer responses (good or bad) for their work and also timely appreciate by nominating them for awards.

Anyways now the storm has kinda settled down in Freescale, I can expect some good results out of their so called reorganization, but the automotive industry is still haunting the people working in it.
Lets see what is kept in it for us.

On a light note, I finished watching all 4 seasons of How I met your mother (HIMYM) (Season 4 is ongoing), now a days I have started watching The Big Bang Theory (TBBT) (Season 2 is ongoing), which I really liked. I wanna talk about it (TBBT) more, but in a different post.
Busy season is coming up, my post will be as soon as possible.


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